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Enjoy Songkran in Pattaya at Our Luxury Pattaya Hotel

Things to Know About Celebrating Songkran in Pattaya 

Songkran – also referred to as the Water Splashing Festival – is a celebration to commemorate the start of the Buddhist New Year in Thailand. During this time, Buddha images are bathed to symbolize spiritual purification, and younger Thai people show respect to monks and their elders by pouring a gentle trickle of water over their hands. The change in the Thai lunar cycle is also celebrated through colorful parades and joyful dancing to local Thai music, although getting wet and splashing others with water is what Songkran has most famed for over the years since its genesis.

Ways to Celebrate Songkran in Pattaya

Visiting Temples Near Royal Wing Suites & Spa for Your Thai New Year Blessing 

In Thailand, it is tradition to make merit during the Songkran period. Making merit involves doing good deeds so that an individual’s karma may be improved and they can be freed from the endless cycle of suffering. The most common way to achieve merit is by offering a donation of food to the monks that reside within Buddhist temples. By bringing monks food, you are helping nourish Buddhism’s steadfast followers who have dedicated their lives to the faith. 

Another important religious practice during Songkran is the ritual of ‘bathing the Buddha image’. This is when Buddhists pour scented water over Buddha statues at the temple in an act of cleansing of their moral wrongdoings. As Songkran marks the Thai New Year, it is of great importance to start this time free from your past misdeeds.

Wat Chai Mongkhon

Built during the time of King Rama IV, Wat Chai Mongkhon was constructed. This houses a Chai Mongkhon Buddha statue from Ayutthaya, which is more than 350 years old. Popular in the city of Pattaya, this Buddhist temple is where people commonly go to receive blessings and partake in local traditions such as the bathing of the Buddha image ritual during Songkran. It is located roughly 15 minutes by car from the Royal Wing Suites & Spa. 


Big Buddha, A place to go during Songkran.
Big Buddha Temple

Big Buddha Temple

Just south of the city of Pattaya is Big Buddha temple. The colossal statue is 18 meters long and sits atop Pratamnak Hill. It is preceded by the famous Naga stairway that is flanked by two golden snakes. You can easily visit this religious site by car or by foot. From the Royal Wing Suites & Spa, it is 5 minutes by car. If you’d like to walk there on foot, it will take you approximately 23 minutes. It is best to visit temples in the early morning for your water blessing when celebrating Songkran in Pattaya as the fun water splashing in the streets tends to pick up around noon.


Splashing Water and Having Fun for Songkran in Pattaya 

It is no secret that Thailand has become famous for our Songkran celebration. Every summer, people from all over the globe travel to our stunning country so they can experience our unique annual festival that involves all things water. As most historical and cultural festivals do, Songkran has shifted from the religious to the rambunctious over the years, and has principally become known as a time of jovial celebration. What started as a gentle pouring of water over the hands of family and friends has become a full-blown spectacle of water guns and hoses spraying at full blast to appeal to the modern crowd. 

In fact, our vibrant beachside city has even coined a new holiday so that the Songkran celebration in Pattaya can last beyond the three days. On the 19th of April is when the Wan Lai Festival in Pattaya now takes place. It is also known as ‘Songkran Flowing Day’ and it is when people can practice the new-age water-throwing tradition to their heart’s delight. Beach Road and Walking Street have become popular playgrounds for water-throwing festivities during this period. Crowds drenched from head to toe will soak each other with water using various creative water firing tools and enjoy the thumping beats of electronic dance music.

Unwind from Your Day with a Great Dinner at Royal Wing

After a long day of celebrating Songkran in Pattaya, unwind within the walls of Panorama. Featuring tall floor-to-ceiling windows and international cuisine, you can enjoy delicious dishes for every palate with amazing crystal-clear ocean views at this chic restaurant. We offer local favorites as well as mouthwatering classics from around the globe with a fusion twist. Choose to dine either within our restaurant or outdoor with a choice of a pool or sea view. 

Panorama restaurant

Our award-winning kitchen team has prepared a magnificent Songkran Buffet feast on the 13th April. Here are some highlights from the lavish meal that we highly recommend: 

  • Fried Salmon Steak “Nam Tok” Style served with a fluffy steamed Jasmine rice and a spicy sauce made with Thai herbs
  • “Lobster Sapparod”, a creamy Lobster Ragout served in a pineapple boat with yellow curry rice
  • Chef Noi’s Fettuccine with Salmon Alfredo Sauce which is delightful sautéed salmon in a creamy cheese sauce
  • An array of Italian specialities including delicious pasta dishes and fresh seafood
  • Chef Nikorn’s Soft Shell Crab served with egg noodle and Hong Kong kale
Great food at the restaurant

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