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Have A Splash: Celebrate 2024 Songkran in Pattaya, Thailand at Our Luxury Seaside Resort

As Thailand’s most well-known coastal city, celebrating 2024 Songkran in Pattaya is a must. We offer the best of both worlds. You can enjoy the party scene and entertainment on our renowned Walking Street, splashing others in joyous celebration, and you can bask in the beauty of our immense golden shores, taking in the Gulf of Thailand and its rich blue waters. When you stay at our ideally-located luxury seaside resort, Royal Wing Suites & Spa, you are spoiled for choice on how to celebrate the Thai New Year.

Children celebrating 2024 Songkran in Pattaya at the pool in our luxury hotel
Children celebrating Songkran in Pattaya at the pool in our luxury hotel.

The Significance of Songkran

Songkran festival is Thailand’s traditional New Year celebration, observed annually in April from the 13th to the 15th. It marks the beginning of the Thai lunar calendar and is one of the most important holidays in the country. Known for its iconic water festival, Songkran is a time when people participate in lively water fights by splashing water on each other as a way to symbolize cleansing and washing away the past year’s misfortunes. It is also a time for family reunions, paying respects to elders, and visiting temples to make merit. The festival represents the spirit of joy, renewal, and community, making it a cherished cultural celebration in Thailand.

Celebrating 2024 Songkran in Pattaya

Ringing in the Thai New Year is best done near bodies of water, which is why celebrating Songkran in Pattaya is a popular choice. Pattaya is a mere two-hour drive from Bangkok. With breathtaking ocean vistas, mouthwatering fresh seafood, and a laidback sense of living, it is a common weekend trip for many people. Whether you want to join in on the boisterous water splashing on Pattaya Beach Road or simply enjoy time by the sea and appreciate the beauty of mother nature, Pattaya provides a landscape to pursue it all.

Make Merit at The Temples in Pattaya

There are many temples in Pattaya for people who want to make merit with monks during the Thai New Year. From Wat Phra Yai to Wat Nong Ao, there are a range of beautiful temples to visit to pursue this. Wat Phra Yai, or better known as the Big Buddha, is arguably the most famous of the choices.  Dating back to 1977, the 18-meter statue is located on the very top of Pratumnak Hill. People around the world come to Thailand just to see this towering cultural landmark. The most common ways to make merit during Songkran in Pattaya are to pray or to offer alms to monks in the form of food or everyday goods such as washing powder or candles. In return, you may receive blessings from the monks and even be blessed with holy water.

Making merit during Songkran
Making merit during Songkran.

Revel in Water Fights During 2024 Songkran in Pattaya

Many centuries ago, Songkran was celebrated by the Thai people by very courteously pouring a bowl of water on the hands of their family or close friends and neighbors. This was done as a way to symbolically wash away all misfortune from the previous year and usher in a new year with a clean slate. Over the years, the polite pouring of water between your immediate community has transformed into a rowdy country-wide festival where people throw buckets of water on each other and spray each other with water guns. In Pattaya, the place to make the most of our joyous water-filled celebration is at Pattaya Beach Road or Walking Street. All throughout the road, locals and tourists alike will be posted to spray every willing passerby in the name of blessings for the new year.

People celebrating Songkran in the streets of Pattaya
People celebrating Songkran in the streets of Pattaya.

Stay at Our Luxury Beachfront Hotel to Have an Unforgettable 2024 Songkran in Pattaya

Situated by the beach, the Royal Wing Suites & Spa boasts the ideal location when looking for a place to stay during Songkran in Pattaya. We are only a 5-minute drive away from Wat Phra Yai and 10-minute drive from Pattaya’s iconic Walking Street. So, whether you want to make merit at the temple or join in on the thrilling water fights taking place on Pattaya’s most famous road, you can get to each location effortlessly. 

You can book your stay now and enjoy our Royal Songkran Celebration package, which comes with many exciting benefits throughout the month of April. If you stay with us between April 12 – 23, we will welcome you with a Songkran Welcome Pack which includes a water gun and a waterproof mobile cover so you can enjoy the Thai New Year festivities in style. With this package, you are also privy to choose between our one-time Songkran buffet dinner (available from April 13-14 only) for two people or a THB 2,000 net dining credit.

To reserve a stay with us, make a reservation directly at our website for our best available rates or email us at We look forward to celebrating the Thai New Year with you.

Royal Wing Suite at our luxury hotel in Pattaya
Royal Wing Suite at our luxury hotel in Pattaya.