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Experience The Beauty of a Thai Wedding at Our Luxury Pattaya Hotel

Delve into the intricate traditions of a Thai wedding. Each step is carefully woven to create a timeless ceremony of elegance and honor. From the sacred blessing rituals to the vibrant cultural elements, discover the depth behind crafting an unforgettable Thai union in the presence of your nearest and dearest. As we unveil the beauty and significance of these time-honored rituals, you’ll come to appreciate the depth of love and commitment that binds two souls together in a Thai marriage.

couple having a Thai wedding on the beach
Loving couple having a Thai wedding on the beach

Thai Wedding Ceremonies

Ceremony by Monks

To receive a monk’s blessing is an important pre-wedding step for couples having a traditional Thai wedding. It is done to pave the way for the prosperity of the couple once they are married. During the merit-making ceremony, the couples offer food to the monks, who in exchange sing, pray and impart blessings to them for a life filled with great happiness, strong health, and bountiful wealth.

Receiving blessing from the monks before a Thai wedding
Receiving blessing from the monks before a Thai wedding

Khan Maak Procession

During the Khan Maak ceremony, the groom leads a parade to the bride’s house bearing gifts to the bride’s family. These offerings include things like rice, traditional Thai cuisine and desserts, along with monetary contributions or precious items like gold and jewelry. Together, these elements form the dowry presented to the bride’s parents. While these days the Khan Maak procession has lessened in popularity, especially amongst young Thai couples, it remains a great symbolic component, particularly for mixed-race couples seeking a way to blend their different cultures together.

The festivities of the Khan Maak procession
The festivities of the Khan Maak procession

Water Blessing Ceremony

The Water Blessing ceremony, or Rod Nam Sang in Thai, is a pivotal ritual during a Thai wedding. Led by the most senior and respected member, sacred water is poured over the couple’s hands from a conch shell, accompanied by wishes of good luck. Parents, beloved friends, and guests then follow after, soaking the newlyweds’ hands to bless their union.

Sacred water poured over hands during the Water Blessing ceremony
Sacred water poured over hands during the Water Blessing ceremony

Make Timeless Memories at Our Wedding Venues in Pattaya

Among the Royal Cliff Hotel Group, we have a wide range of stunning wedding venues in Pattaya wherein your Thai wedding traditions can take place. The numerous ballroom spaces, just a short distance from our luxury 5-star hotel, are perfect for hosting formal ceremonies such as the monk’s blessing ceremony in the morning, followed by the water blessing ceremony.

If you desire outdoor spaces for certain parts of your wedding, we have delightful beach and garden wedding venues on our property. You can create amazing memories with the love of your life with awe-inspiring vistas of the rolling deep blue ocean as your backdrop. Our private sliver of Pattaya’s golden coast is perfect for the festivities of the Khan Maak procession. For a special dining experience with your beloved guests, we can even set up our garden venues with a long table decorated for an indulgent dinner with your nearest and dearest. Our team will ensure that no matter the setting you choose, it is the ideal environment to carry out your sacred customs with enough room to accommodate those dear to you.

Flowers and water prepared for formal rituals of a Thai wedding
Flowers and water prepared for formal rituals of a Thai wedding

Wedding Packages for Your Thai Wedding

Our wedding offerings are thoughtfully curated to be inclusive of all the essentials of a Thai wedding. We provide an option for those who desire a more intimate ceremony. The Royal Cliff Intimate wedding package is inclusive of floral arrangements, venue decorations and personalized signage. This offering even comes with a photographer to capture the beautiful memories of your cherished union, delivering 200 digital photos of you and your loved ones on your special day.

Dining set-up for a Thai wedding at our luxury Pattaya hotel
Dining set-up for a Thai wedding at our luxury Pattaya hotel

For a more extravagant option, our Royal Cliff Magical package might be more to your tastes. It boasts even more delights such as a heart-shaped ice carving with the names of the loving couple, a bottle of Royal Cliff’s own label sparkling wine, a complimentary venue for pre-wedding photoshoot and much more. For such a momentous, once-in-a-lifetime occasion, we can tailor our services to your preferences and desires. The best options for additional services and entertainment can be recommended at your request. No matter which of our wedding packages you choose, every detail will be crafted to perfection, making your nuptials on our luxury oasis an experience you will never forget.

Outdoor set-up for a Thai wedding at our garden in Pattaya
Outdoor set-up for a Thai wedding on our gardens

Celebrate a Thai Wedding Where Tradition Meets Opulence

Set amidst the idyllic backdrop of our romantic hotel in Pattaya, experience the beauty of a Buddhist marriage ceremony like never before. Get in touch with our devoted team of wedding specialists at (+66) 38 250421 ext. 2868 or email us at to get started on how we can help you arrange the most beautiful Thai wedding on our private grounds. Our event team is passionate about ensuring the flawless execution of the thoughtful traditions that make a Thai wedding so memorable.