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The Return of The Pattaya Marathon 2024

A test of endurance, determination, and mental strength, the Pattaya Marathon 2024 makes its annual return. This July 20-21, 2024, runners of all levels will unite for an exhilarating display of athleticism and determination. Passionate locals and enthusiastic runners from around the world gather in Pattaya to partake in this thrilling annual event. Whether you’re a seasoned marathoner or a first-time runner, this marathon offers a unique opportunity to challenge yourself and celebrate the joy of running amidst the stunning backdrop of Pattaya’s coastal scenery.

What is the Pattaya Marathon 2024?

As the city of Pattaya aims to position itself as a leading ‘sports city’, the marathon plays a pivotal role in achieving this vision. The Pattaya Marathon is renowned for its refreshing atmosphere and picturesque route, attracting nearly 15,000 runners from all over the country and the globe. Every year, this running event features a range of race categories to suit every participant’s skill level. This ensures that no matter your skill level, there is a way they can participate in this challenge. 

starting line of pattaya marathon 2024
The starting line of the Pattaya Marathon.

The race categories are as follows:

  • Full Marathon (42.195 kilometers)
  • Half Marathon (21.1 kilometers)
  • Quarter Marathon (10.55 kilometers)
  • Wheelchair Race (4.5 kilometers)
  • Family Run Race (4.5 kilometers)

Pattaya Marathon 2024 Registration Date and Price

Registration for Pattaya Marathon 2024 will open from June 6th onwards, offering ample time for runners to secure their spot in this exciting event. All races will start and finish at Terminal 21 Pattaya, one of the most popular shopping malls located in the heart of Pattaya city. This vibrant venue will also serve as the point for race number and souvenir collection, as well as the EXPO.

water station at the pattaya marathon
Water station at Pattaya Marathon 2024.

Full Marathon (42.195km)

  • Early Registration (6-8 June) – THB 800 (1,000 Slots Available)
  • Regular Registration (9 June-14 July) – THB 950

Half Marathon (21.1km) 

  • Early Registration (6-8 June) – THB 750 (1,500 Slots Available)
  • Regular Registration (9 June-14 July) – THB 900

Quarter Marathon (10km)

  • Early Registration (9-11 June) – THB 500 (4,000 Slots Available)
  • Regular Registration (12 June-14 July) – THB 600

Family Run Race (4.5km)

  • Early Registration (9-11 June) – Free (2,000 Slots Available)
  • Regular Registration (12 June-14 July) – THB 300

All of the prices mentioned above are subject to a THB 50 service fee. 

You can learn more about the marathon on their official website and sign up here: 

runners jogging along the beach in the pattaya marathon
Pattaya Marathon runners jogging along the beautiful Pattaya beach.

Training For the Pattaya Marathon 2024

Preparing for a marathon requires dedication, training, and determination. To conquer the Pattaya Marathon 2024, consider joining the FITZ Club at the Royal Wing Suites & Spa. FITZ Club is considered the premiere sports center in the Eastern seaboard region. It gives you access to top-notch training facilities and expert guidance from certified trainers. They can design personalized training programs specifically tailored to prepare you for the challenges of running a marathon. These programs will be meticulously crafted based on your current fitness level, running experience, and individual goals. Our trainers will assess your strengths and areas for improvement, then develop a comprehensive plan that focuses on building the necessary endurance, strength, and stamina required for marathon running.

pattaya marathon 2024 participant running along the beach
Pattaya Marathon participant running along the beach.

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After crossing the finish line, reward yourself with a luxurious stay at the Royal Wing Suites & Spa, located just a short distance from the marathon venue. Indulge in the comforts of our ocean-facing suites in Pattaya, unwind by our pristine swimming pools, and savor delectable cuisine prepared by our talented chefs. We highly recommend a visit to our in-house spa to help pamper your body after undergoing such a demanding challenge.

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a massage at Cliff Spa overlooking the ocean
Enjoy a massage at Cliff Spa overlooking the breathtaking ocean.

Within its tranquil sanctuary, you will also find a sauna, steam room, or jacuzzi. Allow yourself to fully unwind and recharge, emerging from our peaceful haven feeling revitalized, refreshed, and ready to make the most of your stay. Book a stay with us directly and become privy to our best available rates and an array of exclusive benefits. Contact our Reservations team today at 038-250421 ext. 2820-24 or email to secure your reservation.