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Experience the Thrills of The BKFC Asia Legends of Siam Boxing Event with Buakaw and Saenchai

Get ready to attend a thrilling boxing event in Pattaya when you watch the Bare-Knuckle Fighting Championship Thailand 2023 on November 4th, 2023. It promises non-stop excitement from start to finish, with massive talents such as Buakaw and Saenchai in the ring, battling for honour. Thailand is famous for its Muay Thai heritage, so while you’re in our stunning country, why not seize the opportunity to catch one of the most anticipated matches of the year? It will surely be a day to remember.

bkfc boxing event 2023 Buakaw VS Saenchai
Buakaw vs Saenchai BKFC Boxing Event 2023

What Is Bare Knuckle Fighting?

Born in Philadelphia, Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC) is the first organization to legally host bare knuckle fight boxing events in the United States since 1889. It was started by former professional boxer, David Feldman. The BKFC is committed to maintaining the integrity and rich legacy of bare-knuckle fighting, ensuring raw and real fights, while prioritizing fighter safety with a specific rule set. BKFC matches take place in a unique four-rope ring, designed intentionally for fast-paced bouts of pure skill and thrill. The design of this innovative structure, known as the ‘Square Circle’, is directly inspired by the Broughton Rules, which are the first set of rules that were used in the sport of boxing. They were famously written and standardized by English boxing champion Jack Broughton in 1743. With this style of ring, the rules dictate that the fighters begin each round face to face, mere inches apart in a practice called ‘Toe the Line’.

Square Circle in BKFC
Square Circle in BKFC
Face-to-face standing before starting a BKFC
Face-to-face standing before starting a BKFC boxing event

To be able to compete in the BKFC, fighters must be reputable professionals in either boxing, mixed martial arts (MMA), kickboxing, or Muay Thai. To critique and supervise the game, even judges and referees are required to have extensive experience in professional combat sports. In addition to this, any BKFC boxing event is regulated by an Athletic Commission, meaning that unlike other fighting organizations, KFC keep true to their word that fighters are not allowed to wrap their hands with any wrap, tape or gauze within one inch of the knuckle, making a BKFC boxing event the most genuine form of bare-knuckle fighting.

Boxers fighting out in the Square Circle at a BKFC
Boxers fighting out in the Square Circle at a BKFC Boxing Event
bkfc event in pattaya 2023

Attend an Unforgettable Bare Knuckle Fighting Boxing Event

Boxing legends, Buakaw and Saenchai, will go head-to-head in this year’s highly anticipated BKFC Championship boxing event. For years, Muay Thai fans across the globe have asked each other who would win if the two fought and this year, we will finally know the answer. In what many fans would consider the biggest and most monumental fight in the history of combat sports in Thailand, the match between these renowned Muay Thai icons will take place at the Pattaya Exhibition and Convention Hall (PEACH) in BKFC’s Squared Circle on the 4th of November.

As excitement builds for this eagerly awaited boxing event, it’s best to seize your tickets now on Thai Ticket Major. Ticket sales for the general public began at the end of August, with standing tickets starting at 500 baht and fixed seating tickets going for 2,500 baht. However, if you are interested in getting VIP Tickets for such a momentous occasion in combat sports, feel free to get in touch with June at

Crowd gathered to watch a BKFC boxing event
Crowd gathered to watch a BKFC boxing event

Bask in the Boxing Glory of Buakaw and Saenchai

Sombat Banchamek

Sombat Banchamek (or ‘Buakaw’ as he is more popularly known as) is internationally regarded as one of the best Muay Thai fighters of all time. He began training in combat sports at the age of eight and has fought a whopping total of 278 times in Muay Thai and kickboxing, taking home a win in 240 of said matches. He has notably fought in K1 World Max and Thai Fight tournaments, always drawing in a big crowd whether he’s competing in Bangkok’s renown Omnoi Stadium (also known as Siam Boxing Stadium) or Lumpinee Stadium.

Supachai Saepong

Known better by his nickname ‘Saenchai’, Supachai Saepong has impressed martial arts fans for many years as one of the most technical fighters in Muay Thai. He has been in the ring 378 times for Muay Thai and kickboxing matches and has won a total of 327 of those fights. A dominant fighter in the field of combat sports, he hasn’t lost a match since 2014. He has held the belt in four different weight divisions at Lumpinee Stadium, and has even recently won Thailand’s King’s Cup for the fourth time in his career in December of last year.

Reserve Your Seats for This Once-In-A-Lifetime Boxing Event

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raw and real fights of BKFC boxing event