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Columbia Pictures Aquaverse

Columbia Pictures Aquaverse

Columbia Pictures Aquaverse prides itself on being an aquatic adventure like no other. It is the world’s first Sony Pictures Entertainment water park, fully branded with themes and motifs from timeless Sony movies you love so much from Hotel Transylvania to Ghostbusters and more. Just a 30-minute car ride from Royal Wing Suites and Spa, our 5-star hotel in Pattaya, this one-of-a-kind entertainment venue promises the ultimate family experience for you and your loved ones, creating lasting memories and a thrilling day full of fun and excitement for all ages. It operates everyday except Wednesdays from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

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children and dolphin mascot walking on beach at our luxury pattaya hotel
Children ready to enjoy summer fun at our luxury hotel in Pattaya.

Ghostbusters Zone

The Ghostbusters zone, a tribute to the iconic 1984 film, offers three exhilarating rides at the Columbia Pictures Aquaverse. Proton Stream is a family raft ride where participants navigate a dark, twisting water slide before plunging into a Stay Puft-themed water dome. In the Ghost Trap Adventure, the ultimate water coaster ride at Columbia Pictures Aquaverse, riders experience hair-raising drops and wild curves, aiming to capture ghosts like Muncher and the Terror Dog. For thrill-seekers, the Slimer Speed Racer provides a high-speed water slide adventure, dodging the notorious Slimer as they rush through the water.

Ghostbusters zone at Columbia Pictures Aquaverse
Ghostbusters zone at Columbia Pictures Aquaverse.
bumper car attraction at ghostbusters zone in columbia pictures aquaverse pattaya
New attraction at the Ghostbusters Zone. Enjoy riding bumper cars in a chilly arena.

Jumanji Zone

The Jumanji Zone at Columbia Pictures Aquaverse brings to life the adventure and wild spirit of the 1995 movie, inviting guests to experience the thrills of the jungle. Jaguar Mountain offers an exciting descent from an 8-meter-high slide on snake-shaped rafts, simulating a daring escape from the mountain’s peak. The Jungle Stampede propels visitors through a frenetic race against mandrills, with sharp turns and drops, ultimately ejecting them from the jaws of a colossal hippo. Lastly, The Viper ride immerses rafters in a high-speed journey alongside the movie’s characters, culminating in a dramatic exit from darkness into a mandrill-lined bowl and a splashdown into a vast pool.

Surf’s Up Zone

Join Cody Maverick and his penguin surfers from Sony’s famous movie, “Surf’s Up,” on the 40-foot-long FlowRider – the ultimate surf simulator. You can enjoy the rush of surfing and boogie boarding as you ride the waves generated by 30,000 gallons of water. With expert instructors catering to surfers of all levels, from beginners to pros, you can perfect your skills and immerse yourself in the California vibe.

Surf simulator at Surf's Up Zone in Columbia Pictures Aquaverse
Surf simulator at Surf’s Up Zone in Columbia Pictures Aquaverse.

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs Zone

Experience the whimsical world of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs in the Surf’s Up zone. Take delight in a relaxing journey as you float through Swallow Falls. Spot wacky Foodimals along the way and enjoy culinary-themed whimsy.

Hotel Transylvania Zone

Kick back with Drac’s pack and enjoy the biggest branded aqua playground in Southeast Asia. Dive into 9 slides and over 100 frighteningly fun water features, including water rockets, gigantic splash buckets, and more. Join Drac, Mabel, Blobby, and dozens of other guests from Hotel Transylvania for a spooktacular time you won’t forget.

Hotel Transylvania zone at Columbia Pictures Aquaverse
Hotel Transylvania zone at Columbia Pictures Aquaverse.

The Emoji Movie Mini Golf Zone

Put your skills to the test at The Emoji Movie Mini Golf zone, where family and friends can enjoy a round of miniature golf amidst colorful and creative obstacles. This colorful and vibrant mini-golf course features 9 exciting holes inspired by the popular animated film. Perfect for visitors of all ages, it offers a mix of challenges and enjoyment for everyone.

Bad Boys Race Club Zone

Indulge in the world of high-speed racing as you take on the streets of downtown Miami in custom SODI go-karts. These state-of-the-art karts boast top-notch performance and safety features, including adjustable pedals, seats, and a 4-point safety harness. With speeds of up to 80 km/h, you’ll feel the thrill of the race as you navigate hairpin bends and zoom towards the finish line at the 500-meter-long track.

Zombieland Zone

The Zombieland Zone delivers an exhilarating experience inspired by the high-energy movie, complete with three heart-pounding water slides. The Beast stands out as one of Asia’s tallest water park attractions, offering an 18-meter vertical drop that simulates a thrilling escape from zombies. For those looking for an intense thrill, The Double Tap encases riders in an enclosed tube before plunging them into a 12-meter free fall, followed by a high-speed 360-degree spin. Lastly, the Zombie Chase slide ensures an adrenaline rush with its dynamic twists and turns, creating a sense of urgency as riders race to evade the pursuing undead, making it an essential ride for adventure enthusiasts.

Zombie Chase ride at Columbia Pictures Aquaverse
Zombie Chase ride at Columbia Pictures Aquaverse.

Aquaverse Mega Wave Pool

Cool off and relax in the Aquaverse Mega Wave Pool, a true spectacle of aquatic entertainment. Experience the joy of floating on diverse waves, join lively foam parties, and enjoy movies and live music under the sun. With LED screens and Dolby sound enhancing the experience, this zone offers an unforgettable cinematic wave-venture for guests of all ages.

Have The Ultimate Family Day at Columbia Pictures Aquaverse

For a limited time only, guests who book a stay at the Royal Wing Suites and Spa before the end of June 2024 can enter into a lucky draw for a chance to win 12 complimentary tickets. Plus, to ensure your convenience, we can assist in arranging transportation to and from the waterpark, allowing you to relax and indulge in a day of fun-filled aquatic adventures worry-free. Don’t miss out on this exclusive offer – plan your stay today and make unforgettable memories with us.

Kids hanging out with characters from Hotel Transylvania at Columbia Pictures Aquaverse
Kids hanging out with characters from Hotel Transylvania at Columbia Pictures Aquaverse.